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Archaeology for Children

The Sharma Children's Museum was established on 19th of February 1999, at the Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation School, at Sholinganallore, 30 km outside Chennai. Close to the IT hub of Chennai, and en route to the World Heritage Site of Mahabalipuram, we are ideally situated to cater to both urban and rural children. The museum is an experiment in education, a small step to enable children to enjoy learning outside the school environment and to have fun in a creative and challenging environment. We have special free programs for underprivileged children from urban and rural areas. We run workshops within the museum and also conduct outreach programs for those who cannot visit us. Our aims are that :

  1. Children can develop an awareness of Indian heritage
  2. A spirit of enquiry, wonder and imagination is stimulated and sustained
  3. Archaeology is used as tool to exercise skills in thinking children
  4. The past can be related to daily life
  5. Archaeological objects are used to teach principles of other social and physical sciences
  6. Children are made aware of people (both belonging to past and present cultures) having different ways of life and belief systems;
  7. Local heritage issues are stressed
  8. Objects in the museum are used as a resource base for teachers for all disciplines taught in schools in India today.

 We are currently under renovation as the Kolam Children's Museum.

Read more about our program on 'Animating Mythologies' by our visiting Fulbright Fellow, Daniel Kelin II.

Exhibition on the 'Archaeology of Food'

Archaeology and associated disciplines are brought alive through involving children in creative and educational workshops.

We work with students, teachers, villagers and other local stakeholders to instill a sense of pride in India's natural and cultural heritage.

Lectures on archaeology, history, geography, ecology, geology, anthropology, are conducted for children of all age groups.

Kolam Children's Museum


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Workshops on archaeology for children age groups (8-15).

Workshops for teachers.

Exhibitions on topics related to Indian heritage.

Lectures by eminent scholars

Museum News

We are currently closed for renovation, till further notice. Outreach programs continue. We reopen as the Kolam Children's Museum