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Research, Education and Legal Issues in India's Cultural Heritage
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About Us

We are research centre, currently running the following projects:

Prehistoric Landscapes of the southeast coast of India: This multidisciplinary research project comprises excavations at Attirampakkam and research at other prehistoric sites along the southeast coast of India. The present project seeks to investigate aspects of hominin behaviour primarily through studies of lithic assemblages, chronology of occupation, and past environments during the Quaternary. We situate these studies in the context of questions of interest in terms of hominin dispersals across Asia, and issues investigating variability in the nature of occupation of ecological zones across South Asia.


Culture Resource Management: Prehistoric sites in India are being destroyed at a rapid pace owing to infrastructure development, lack of awareness, amongst other factors. We are developing models by which culture resource management policies may be implemented in regions rich in prehistoric remains, using a combination of field surveys, satellite remote sensing, and involvement of local stakeholders through public awareness programs. We seek to develop a balance between local needs and heritage conservation.

Children's Museum & Community Education: We believe that communicating recent research to the general public, in particular children and teachers, will go a long way towards promoting Indian archaeology. Our educational programs for children & teachers bring the past alive. We established the Sharma Children's Museum in 1999, and are currently renovating this as the Kolam Children's Museum.

 History of Indian Archaeology:We are building up a repository of information on pioneers in Indian Prehistory. A biography of of whom Robert Bruce Foote, is currently in progress.

Legislations Conservation of India's heritage is a vital issue today, in the light of rapid destruction of sites, smuggling of antiquities and other illegal activities. We provide advise to those who wish to protect this heritage, and to those who require more information on legal issues.


Help us carry out fundamental research & public awareness programs. We welcome donations in the form of books, journals or otherwise. All donations within India are exempt from Income Tax under s.80G.

Celebrating 150 years of Indian Prehistory

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Dr. Shanti Pappu

Founder/Secretary, with interests in prehistory, palaeoenvironments, ethnoarchaeology, history of archaeology. Degree in law with specialization in cultural heritage laws of India. Involved in education for underprivileged children. She also holds the post of Professor of Prehistory at the Deccan College Postgraduate & Research Institute.


Dr. Kumar Akhilesh

Director-Research. Interested in prehistory, experimental archaeology (lithic knapping), satellite remote sensing and GIS.  Involved in both research and administration.


S. Udayakumar

Intern:  Interested in ancient and traditional metal technology, art and architecture, lost wax methods of bronze technology and children's education.



We offer 1 month internships for post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students who wish to gain experience in the fields of prehistory, lithic analysis and field methodology. Students may contact Dr. Kumar Akhilesh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Centre

We are a registered non-profit public educational trust (Estd.1999), focusing on research in archaeology & public awareness programs. We are named in honour of noted educationists, Dr. V.N. Sharma and Mrs. Ellen Sharma.


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