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Research, Education and Legal Issues in India's Cultural Heritage
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This is a project of the Sharma Centre for Heritage Education.

Permissions for Excavations/Explorations

  • Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi & Chennai Circle for granting licenses.
  • State Dept. of Archaeology, Government of Tamil Nadu for granting licenses.

Funding Agencies

Homi Bhaba Fellowships Council (for Dr. Shanti Pappu, 2000-2002)




 Other sources of Financial & Logistical Aid

  • Sharma Centre for Heritage Education
  • Mr. V.R.Pappu & Mrs.R.Pappu,
  • Mr.Abhijit Ghosh,
  • Ms.Gita &  Ms.Sakunthala Sharma
  • Prof.Kamakshi Murthy


  • Mrs. Manjiri Gordhandas & the Chapter & Verse Bookshop, Pune
  • Late Prof. N.C.Ghosh
  • Mrs.M.Ghosh
  • Late Dr.A.N.Thakur
  • Mrs.S.Thakur


We thank numerous volunteers who worked tirelessly at the site.

We thank students and staff deputed by the State Department of Archaeology, Tamil Nadu to undergo training programs with us.

Villagers & Field Staff

  •  Villagers of Pundi, Krishnavaram and Manamedu
  • Mr. K.Palaniswamy, Field Logistics
  • Mr. K. Arumugam, Field Logistics