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Recent Lectures on Archaeology, Workshops on Natural/Cultural Heritage


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Robert Bruce Foote Memorial Workshop on Prehistory & Lithic Technology, May 30th-June 3rd, 2013. Read more on this Workshop to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Indian Prehistory 


1. Lectures were delivered at SSN College of Engineering, INSPIRE theme, sponsored by DST, 30th July by Dr. Shanti Pappu: Lets Dig! Archaeology the science of studying the past' and by Dr. Kumar Akhilesh: From Satellite Remote Sensing to Stone Tools: Scientific Approaches towards studying our Past.

2. Dr. Kumar Akhilesh delivered a lecture in Goa, 25-27th May, for a 3-day workshop 'Introduction to Archaeology' on the topic: Conservation of Heritage: Prehistoric Sites-Our Responsibility', organized by Samvardhan.

3. Lectures were delivered for students at IIT Gandhinagar, August 23rd and 24th Dr. Shanti Pappu delivered a paper on: Back to the Stone Age, and Dr. Kumar Akhilesh delivered a lecture on 'New Approaches in Prehistoric Archaeology: Examples From Tamilnadu'. This was in context of a meeting to discuss establishment of a Centre for Archaeological Sciences at IIT, Gandhinagar.

4. Lecture was delivered by S.Pappu at NCBS, Bangalore, 13th September on the topic, A Forgotten Heritage: The Many Dimensions of Indian Prehistory.

5. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Anuradha Parakkat, Director SRM University, on 4th August, 2012, on study skills for Class IX students of the Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation and Higher Secondary School, Sholinganallore.

6. Lectures were delivered to the Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission Seminar/Workshop on 'Peeping the past through archaeology', 5th October 2012. Dr. Shanti Pappu presented on "Prehistoric Archaelogy in Tamil Nadu: Review of research at Sharma Centre for Heritage Education'. Dr. Kumar Akhilesh: 'Satellite Remote Sensing in Archaeology-Research and Heritage Management in Tamil Nadu'.

7. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Chithra Madhavan, 8th October, 2012, ‘Introduction to temple architecture of South India' for students of Class IX, Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation & Hr. Sec. School, Chennai.

8. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Chithra Madhavan, 29th October, 2012, on Introduction to ancient scripts and writing for students of Class V, Mrs. Ellen Sharma Memorial Nursery and Primary School, Mylapore.

9. A workshop was conducted by Dr. K. Anupama, Mr. S.Prasad and Mr. Orukamani, French Institute Pondicherry, December, 2012, on Recent Advances in the Field of Palynology, Ecology and Palaeoecology which included a discussion, laboratory and outdoor studies in the Sharma Centre campus for students of Class IX, Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation & Higher Secondary School, Chennai. A lecture was delivered by Mr.Kannan, French Institute, Pondicherry on the importance of reading for children of class VI of the Ellen Sharma School, Sholinganallore.

10. Lectures on Indian Acheulian and on Palaeoenvironments were delivered at the Institute of Archaeology, Archaeological Survey of India, on December 26th, 27th by Dr. Shanti Pappu.

11. Dr. S.Pappu was invited to judge the Butterflies program for children on 19th January, 2013, SRM University, Kathankullathur. 12. We organized a field trip for students and teachers of Class IX to the French Institute, and to Ostieri Lake site ecological project.Lectures were delivered by Mr. Prakash Patel, Ms. Lipi Das (Ostieri Lake) and Dr. K.Anupama, S.Prasad at French Institute, Pondicherry.

Previous Workshops over the years included those on Sacred Groves in collaboration with IGRMS, Bhopal, a major project with Earthwatch, USA, on heritage education (art, architecture, ecology, stone age, rock art, folk theatre, music and dance);  children's_theatre for heritage education by Daniel Kelin II; and regular workshops on archaeology for children.


Celebrating 150 years of Indian Prehistory

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