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Past Vegetation and Prehistoric Populations in South Asia: The  INQUA-HaBCom Workshop on ‘Palaeoanthropological Perspectives on Plant Communities in South Asia’

Jointly organized by the  Sharma Centre For Heritage Education  and French Institute of Pondicherry, 27th October to 2nd November, 2014

An exciting and intensive workshop was held for a group of select students and research scholars, to introduce them to the use of phytoliths in the study of past vegetation at archaeological sites. The workshop was multidisciplinary with a strong focus on archaeological applications of such studies. 

Resource persons included scientists from the fields of botany, archaeology, anthropology and geology.  A strong component was a focus on laboratory studies of phytoliths as also an understanding of lithic knapping and microwear analysis of tool edge damage following use on plant materials. Two field trips were organized,  one to understand grass ecology, field data collection strategies and stone tool usage on plant material and another to the site of Attirampakkam. Poster presentations by the participants enabled further discussion on their research.  

Click on the links and download  Quaternary Perspectives pdf  on this workshop.

Celebrating 150 years of Indian Prehistory

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