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Research, Education and Legal Issues in India's Cultural Heritage
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Workshop on Lithic Technology

Education Programs

Collaborations regarding Doctoral and postdoctoral programs

We enable students who have registered in our Centre to pursue higher studies for a Ph.D or post-doctoral degree at the Université Lumière Lyon 2, with a guide and co-guide from both Institutes. Topics covered would include archaeology with a focus on issues that include Quaternary geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, soil and sediment micromorphology, environmental magnetism, palaeogenomics, geochemistry, and radiometric dating (chiefly cosmogenic nuclide dating and radiocarbon dating). Interested candiates may contact us.

Ph.D  programs in India:  Watch this space ! Coming soon.

Short Term Workshops and Courses

We will shortly announce a series of courses on aspects of Indian archaeology, to be held at our campus in Chennai. The first such course is a workshop on Lithic Technology